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Turn Off Headlight with this Module

for all Headlight with H4 connectors


Save Battery LIFE

Save Lamp LIFE


Easy to Install

No wire cut

Your Company warranty remains the Same.


Headlight Switch Off - H4 connector

SKU: headlightoff
₹599.00 Regular Price
₹349.00Sale Price
  • After installation :

    Headlight OFF  - Hi Beam will be ON and DRL will be ON

    Pass light also will be ON

    Headlight ON - Everything back to Normal as per company.


    We Suggest that During Daytime Heavy Traffic Areas - Please Turn On Headlight so that you can use PASS light while OverTaking.

    (mostly without much Traffic in Daytime - the AHO Off module will Save your Battery and Lamp Life and give Longer Life)


Review and Installation Video on Youtube Aux / Fog Light WIRING HARNESS by SOUL HARNESS

Review and Installation Video on Youtube AHO Headlight OFF Module by SOUL HARNESS

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